Water – nymphs baths

Water nymphs are seducing and inviting you into their embrace.

Even the ancient Romans were aware of the healing powers of our springs, whereas they attributed the healing power to the forever young water nymphs, which were believed to reside in the thermal water. The old beliefs in the healing power of the water were later confirmed by science. The thermal water originates from springs in Dolomite rock cracks in the depth of 985 meters.

The powerful and abundant ambience with 2000 years of tradition offers an extraordinary thermal bath experience for one, two or more persons at the same time. The positive effects of the baths have been underlined by written stories, whereas the monuments had been built as a gratitude for the recovery. Enjoy the healing Roman springs, strengthen your immune system and restore your life energy. Let go and allow to be touched by the forever young water nymph Diana.

The authentic stone bathtubs are a cultural heritage. Bathing in them is a unique experience of tradition, mysticism and the healing effects of the water. The use of an authentic bathtub is available only as a bath for a single person. Based on the advice of balneology experts, the baths can only last for twenty minutes.

The baths are prepared especially for you and filled with pure thermal water.

You can try the intoxicatingly scented baths, accompanied with thousands of bubbles, pleasant music and an intimate atmosphere, that will take you to the world of love. In order to make the experience even more memorable, a special separate room for relaxation and pampering is available.