Sauna land Varinia

Relax the mind and rejuvenate the body

We offer a relaxing oasis of tranquility and rest with rich thematic programs including wraps, scrubs, swirling air and Kneipp cures to our guests in the Sauna Land Varinia.

Roman sauna

Go back in time of famous Roman baths known for their mild flavor and effective anti-stress effect.
Temperature: 40-50°C
Positive effects: better circulation, strengthened health, anti-stress effect with regular use

Finnish sauna

Visit the most well-known type of sauna in the world and enjoy the many proven positive effects.
Temperature: 80-100°C
Positive effects: strengthening the immune system, prevention of viral and bacterial diseases, and promotion of metabolism, positive mood, physical and mental relaxation.

Turkish sauna

Very high humidity 90-100%, the steam sauna opens the pores and cleans the skin.
Temperature: 50-60°C
Positive effects: muscle relaxation, skin cleansing, soothing effect on the respiratory and immune system.

Infrared sauna

It can be used as warm-up before exercise, humidity up to 50% helps maintaining natural beauty and health.
Temperature: 40-60°C
Positive effects on the beauty: help with weight loss, promotion of cellulite degradation, increasing blood flow in the skin, slowing down aging.
Positive effects for pain relief: reducing pain with headaches, pain in back, cramps, treating sprains and muscle tension, help with skin diseases, relief of the kidneys, promotion of blood circulation, preventing cardiovascular diseases, prevention of viral diseases.

The Sauna Land Varinia additionally offers:

  • Finnish, Turkish, Roman and infrared saunas,
  • an indoor cold water pool,
  • an indoor massage pool with underwater seats,
  • a rest room,
  • an outdoor terrace.