Helpful information

With the desire to provide you with complete relaxation and privacy we kindly ask you to respect our house rules:

  • respect the desire for the relaxation of all our guests
  • speak quietly
  • mute or turn off your mobile phone

The service can be booked  at the Wellness reception, by phone or email.
We recommend that you reserve your service at least two days in advance.
Please come to Wellness center Amalija 15 minutes before the start of services. In case of delay, services will not be extended.

Cancellation of services
Cancellation of services is required at least 10 hours before the start. In case of unjustified dismissal we will be forced to charge the full price of the service.

Payment is possible with cash or credit cards.
Daytime visitors are kindly requested to make payment before the start of services.

Gift Certificate
Everyone is something to someone…  Gift certificates with the purpose of awareness and the natural beauty of the moment. Gift vouchers can be purchased at the reception Wellness Center Amaljia, you can order them by phone or by e-mail. We reserve the right to change the prices, terms of sale and opening hours.
Pricesare in Euroand are valid from 02.01.2015 to 31.12.2015. All prices include VAT, in accordance with the law.