An attractive geographical location, natural beauty, rich history and major commercial centers nearby meet the demands of everyone. Lovers of cultural heritage, excursions to the countryside and shopping will be truly delighted. Trips will enable you to see the site from a different perspective; furthermore, you will be acquainted with plenty of interesting information.
At your request, we also organize individual trips and provide a guide who speaks your language.



Rafting on the Sava River
(Timber) rafting on the Sava River has a tradition of more than five hundred years. You will become acquainted with rafting customs and habits, have the opportunity to taste the rafter’s goulash and experience the rafter’s christening.

A walk through the city of Radeče
Rich cultural heritage and the intact nature have enabled the city, renowned for its paper industry, to form modern foundations for development, which is closely connected with the Sava River, a former, very important rafting traffic route.

Tour of the Radeče Paper Mill
The Radeče paper industry tradition dates back to 1736. The Radeče Paper Mill has been renowned for printing special types of paper for bank notes.

A walk to Gašper’s chestnut tree
The thickest chestnut tree in Slovenia grows at an altitude of 520 m, besides the Gašper Kiršek homestead. The mighty tree boasts with exceptional dimensions: 18m high, Mighty one prides on exceptional dimensions: 18m high, with a trunk circumference of 10.71 m at chest height and a crown split into four tops.


Guided tour through the city center
Laško is a small city first mentioned in 1227. Take a walk and become acquainted with its rich cultural and historical heritage.

Tour of the Laško Brewery with beer tasting
Get to know the tradition of beer brewing in Laško, which dates back to 1825, and watch the most modern beer manufacturing procedure. To conclude our tour, we will invite you to taste the excellent Laško Beer.

Trip to the valley of Carthusians
The Carthusian Jurklošter Monastery invites you into the lonely Gračnica Valley, where you can learn interesting facts about the mystic life of Carthusian people and hear many stories that were hidden behind the monastery walls for a long time.

Visit of the Laško Museum
Since its establishment, the museum has been preserving historic documents that are important for the city and its surroundings, expanding its collection of photographic testimonies, collecting different objects of cultural and historical importance and exhibiting museum pieces.