In the past available only to the elite, now open to all. 

Marble altars and vow monuments dedicated to nymphs and the Roman goddess of health, Valetuda, were discovered at the location of today’s baths.

Rimske Terme was first mentioned in a written document of Aquileia in 1486, but really came to life after 1840, when merchant Gustav Adolf Ulrich from Trieste who was healed as a result of the beneficial effects of the thermal water, purchased it in the name of his wife Amalija.

After 1848, Rimske Terme was visited by many distinguished guests such as the English Princess and Crown Princess Victoria of Prussia, Napoleon’s sister, the Princess Murat, the Austrian writer Franz Grillparzer, the Serbian writer Vuk Karađić, Emperor Ferdinand, the Archduke Johann and many others.

During World War II, Rimske Terme was in the hands of the German Wehrmacht, which transformed the spa into a hospital for soldiers. In the period from the end of World War II and until 1991, the resort was managed by the Yugoslav People’s Army. During these times the healing properties of the thermal water and the beautiful environment were avaliable only to certain high-ranking officers.

Today, Rimske Terme is open for you. Therefore you are allowed to return to the calming nature, health, well-being and relaxation by means of thermal water with a healing effect on the human body.