Our location

Rimske Toplice is located in the shelter of two hills: Stražnik (655 m) and Kopitnik (914 m). The valley of Rimske Toplice is surrounded by forest hillsides of the surrounding hills providing shelter from wind and excessive heat. The valley is rich in vegetation of exotic plants from all the continents of the world. This is the home of the world renowned sequoia trees, Canadian hemlock, Thujopsis dolabrata, cypress, yew tree, Californian cedar tree … Rimske Toplice is an old healing place with a population of about 1000 people (including the hamlets). It is 17 km away from Celje. A road and Celje-Zidani most railroad pass through Rimske Toplice. Originally Rimske Toplice was named Šmarjeta (village by the St. Margaret’s Church), whereas a part of the settlement was also called Ogeče.

Distance from towns:

  • Celje 24 km,
  • Ljubljana 90 km,
  • Maribor 70 km,
  • Zagreb (HR) 100 km,
  • Trieste (IT) 190 km,
  • Venice (IT) 340 km,
  • Vienna (AT) 320 km.

GPS coordinates: 46.119135,15.203319


How to reach us?

Ljubljana – Maribor highway

Rimske terme are located in the city Rimske Toplice, at the Celje – Zidani Most main road . On the highway from the direction of Ljubljana or Maribor choose the exit Celje center. At the first traffic light turn left in the direction of Celje center. Remain on the road for 20 kilometers driving towards the city of Laško. Then continue straight towards Zidani Most and the next city after Laško is Rimske Toplice. Follow the main road through the city of Rimske Toplice and take the last (4th) exit for Senožeti (hotels). Once you are on top of the hill in front of the hotels, leave your car in the hotel garage.

From Zasavje

On the regional road from Ljubljana you will drive through Litija, Zagorje ob Savi and Trbovlje. Once you arrive in Hrastnik turn left across the bridge and follow the road sighs for Celje. Driving through Dol pri Hrastniku, Marno and Brezno you will reach Rimske Toplice. Turn right at the intersection and you will see the hotels on your right side on top of the hill. Take the 3rd exit towards Senožeti (hotels). Once you are on top of the hill in front of the hotels, leave your car in the hotel garage.